A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In Someone in Particular, you must try to discover the identities of people and their relationships. But people can be taciturn, and clues are scant; you will have to look elsewhere to get the whole picture...

Submitted for the Teacart 1k game jam. It is meant to be played with other Sharecart1000 games. It runs on the LÖVE platform.



  • Added more dialogues
  • Added music
  • Updated secret stuff


  • Finally gave the game a title
  • Fixed "ghost" objects wrongly left on map
  • Updated secret stuff


  • Updated sharecart.lua library
  • Included Windows (32-bit) build


  • Initial upload


someone-in-particular-win32.zip 3 MB
someone-in-particular.love 823 kB

Install instructions

For Windows, place the game folder next to others your SHARECART1000 directory.

Running the .love file directly with LÖVE may not work. For platforms other than Windows, you may need to extract the .love (as a zip) into a game folder, then put that folder next to your other SHARECART1000 games.